Perinatal Loss

“Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we
touch them with compassion.”

Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Perinatal and Infant Loss

Losing a pregnancy or an infant can be one of the most emotionally devastating events a person can experience. You may have tremendous feelings of sadness, despair, guilt, anger, and disbelief. You may also feel isolated and alone. It can be difficult to talk about your loss, and friends and family, though well-meaning, may not know how to comfort you or to help you express your grief. Whether your loss occurred early or late in your pregnancy, or during/after birth, your feelings are real and valid, and they need to be expressed. I welcome people who have experienced a loss to come and share their story. During this extremely vulnerable time, I will help you process your feelings about the loss, work through your grief, and explore options for moving forward.

Mourner’s Bill of Rights by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D

  1. You have the right to experience your own unique grief
  2. You have the right to talk about your grief and your loved one
  3. You have the right to feel a wide range of emotions
  4. You have the right to make use of a ritual that is comforting to you
  5. You have the right to listen to your body and be tolerant of your physical and emotional limits
  6. You have the right to let the tears flow
  7. You have the right not to be rushed through your grief
  8. You have the right to search for meaning
  9. You have the right to your memories
  10. You have the right to move towards finding personal healing from grief

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